About Us

Promise Kids Parents’ Day Out ministry began in the Fall of 2012 with a vision to teach the love of Jesus to His most precious creation: children. Our mission is to provide a loving, safe, Christian atmosphere for your child to learn and develop through a variety of age-appropriate activities and teachings from the Bible. Our program seeks to enroll a diverse group of students from all faiths and backgrounds…  

Promise Kids PDO is offered Mondays/Wednesdays and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 8:15 a.m.—2:00 p.m.,  and an optional 4 days a week, August through May (following Rutherford County Schools schedule closely.) Classes are available for ages 12 months (If walking) to 5 years old with special outreach ministries, guests, and activities monthly.  The monthly tuition is $165 a month and the months of August and December are half off, which is $82.50.  

Chooose From 

Two Conveniant Locations!


What Makes Promise Kids

So Different?

– Only pay partial payments for Aug. & Dec. ($82.50)

– Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

– Snacks included daily

– Special Guest and activities with special learning opportunities throughout the school year

-Director/Owner is a Christian, Highly Qualified, Teacher

-All other staff has passed a criminal background check, CPR and First Aid certified, professional development training’s, Christian believers, and experience working with children

-Follows Rutherford County Schools calendar closely

-Day starts earlier  (8:15AM-2:00 PM)

-2 Locations

  1. River Rock Baptist Church (across from “World Outreach Church”)    

2248 Tennessee 99 which is 1.5 miles away from our

2. Saint Andrews location (across from the backside of Publix) 2650 Saint Andrews Dr.

Our Philosophy

Promise Kids PDO firmly believes in a sound education in a safe and loving environment, with Jesus Christ the head and ruler of all things.  We realize our children are young and need to have fun and feel safe. A PDO should be a positive and happy experience for all children. The curriculum is designed with age-appropriate lessons and activities that provide opportunities for children to practice self-control, taking turns and sharing.  Learning is accomplished in a variety of ways that are designed to appeal and excite them.  Teachers are encouraged to share new ideas and to express their creativity.  All teachers have experience working and teaching children, have professional development training’s throughout the school year, are Christian people who love the Lord and working with children, have passed a criminal background check and are CPR and first aid certified.  Promise Kids strives to be the best Parents’ Day Out!


“God Keeps His Promises.” – Psalm 105, Verses 1-8



Parents Day Out Wants To Help Every Child

  1.  Grow in understanding and love for themselves, their families, and in their world. 

  1.  Grow in awareness that God loves them and that Jesus is a special friend. 

  1.  Enjoy creative expression through music, art, dance, and play.

  1.  Grow in the ability to think, solve problems, and develop language and thinking skills.

  1. Grow spiritually, cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Core Values